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Office Automation 5.0

Office Automation 5.0 is a complete management system for your network marketing company. Business owners and their staff will use the following key features on a daily basis to manage their MLM and Direct Sale companies:


Office Automation - Distributor ManagerDistributor Manager | view screenshot
Track downline genealogy, sponsor new distributors, view commission history, record notes, set up auto-shipments, send private messages to distributors, and more.

Office Automation - Inventory ManagerInventory Manager | view screenshot
Know what you are selling, how much is left, and what products are on special; set up groups, special pricing, and discounts; manage images, descriptions, and categories for                   your shopping cart items, and more.

Office Automation - Order ManagerOrder Manager | view screenshot
Enter and process phone-in orders quickly with minimal keystrokes. Supports partial and multiple payment types. Sales tax and shipping calculations done automatically using                       major carrier online rates. Run credit orders that process back to buyer's credit card using                 our PCI-compliant credit card data storage solution, and more.

Office Automation - Autoship ManagerAuto-ship Manager | view screenshot
Process monthly, recurring orders for customers. Distributors and customers can edit their settings and product selction via the online Distributor Center.

Office Automation - Communication ManagerCommunication Manager | view screenshot
Send E-mail and SMS (text) messages to your distributors and their customers. Send to specific groups of distributors based on achievement rank, order behavior or other custom               parameters. Schedule messages to go out daily, weekly or monthly on a specific day and                 time. Manage auto-responder E-mails.

Office Automation - Report CenterReport Center | view screenshot
Over 40 ready-to-go reports for inventory, orders, transactions, bonuses, and more! Print out your reports or export your data in .CSV format to another system. Build your own                         reports using our Query Reports tool!

Office Automation - Report CenterAdministration/Security | view screenshot
Configure the system for user access. Set up your invoice, credit card settings, auto-ship discounts, order-entry, and distributor-entry defaults. Set up multiple user accounts with                   access privileges, and much more.

Office Automation - Report CenterTechnology/Platform
Prodigix is built on Microsoft SQL Server database technology to give you the flexibility and power to grow your enterprise.

This is a partial feature list. Contact Prodigix for a complete list of features.

Prodigix Commission Engine 1.5

Easily build your own commission plan using this very powerful tool. Commission Engine 1.5 can be used in conjunction with Office Automation or as a stand-alone application.

Key features are:

Select your "tree" structure - supports all basic tree types: binary, unilevel and matrix

Define ranks - set achievement titles for distributors to advance in the compensation plan

Define rank qualifications - set requirements to advance in rank

Select and define volume types - the system supports multiple volume types in order to apply specific products and activities to specific bonuses and payouts.

Select commission types - many of the most common commission types are supported: Fast Start Bonus, Level Overrides, Pool Bonus, Matching Bonus and more.

Build it! - once all your settings are in place, a single mouse-click puts the engine to work building out the code for your plan. View and print a detailed summary of how your plan works.

Test scenarios - change the commission parameters anytime and run tests against your selected date range using a snapshot of your live data. Save the settings for future reference.

Run reports - view summary and detail reports of your commission runs. Investigate commission payout questions from your distributors.

Import and export data - for those wanting to use Commission Engine as a stand-alone application, use our APIs and data-mapping tools to import your distributors and order records, as well as to retrieve commission calculations.

Payment/wallet services - pay your distributors by pushing your commissions to an electronic payment and debit card service.

Call for more details and pricing.

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Start-Up Bundle

Everything you need to get started, including a simple commission plan, for less than $7,000.

Enterprise Solutions

Solutions for companies with more sophisticated needs. All types of compensation plans available - binary, hybrids, matrix and unilvel. Start for less than $15,000.