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Jump Start Your Growth With a Steady Flow of New Customers and MLM Leads.

Your plate’s full and you need to grow revenue--fast. We can help you develop a consistent stream of new customers and leads; people who are interested in your company and your products.

Bottom line--companies that offer their affiliates and distributors a proven path for rapid growth enjoy a competitive advantage. We can help you and your team members ramp-up your pipeline without the traditional risk and uncertainty of paid advertising.

Prodigix has partnered with proven marketing agencies and lead generation providers to develop tailored programs suited specifically for their clients in the MLM, network marketing industry.

What Does it Mean?

Qualified people who purchase your product.
Qualified leads interested in your opportunity.
A marketing approach that your field members can duplicate.

Predictable, flat-rate fee-structure.


Step 1: Customer Acquisition

Jump start your business by retailing your products directly and building customer loyalty first. Use this solid foundation to fund the setup and growth of your new network marketing venture! Call for details.

Step 2: Customer-to-Distributor Conversion

Convert your most excited customers into key distributors. Involve your sales leadership in this process to mitigate the costs. Call for details.

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Start-Up Bundle

Everything you need to get started, including a simple commission plan, for less than $7,000.

Enterprise Solutions

Solutions for companies with more sophisticated needs. All types of compensation plans available - binary, hybrids, matrix and unilvel. Start for less than $15,000.